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Updated: Jan 27, 2020

It’s a reunion of 13 elderly and 1 young lady from the community. We used to abandon coconut sugar making livelihood because of the environmental factors in the area. However, our love towards this way of living is still very clear in our minds. We are aware of how important the local wisdom in coconut sugar making process is. So we would like to conserve and pass it forward to the next generation.

We realize that coconut sugar making process requires a lot of effort. However, to restore this livelihood requires even more effort, this is the reason why we named oneself as “Pleanyodtarn” (effort in making coconut sugar) since 2017.

“Once we were the one chasing our children to find other jobs, but now we are the one gathering them to protect this career as well as trying to revive coconut sugar maker’s livelihood” Uncle Vichai, a member of Pleanyodtarn Community Enterprise

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