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“Resilience: New potential of living”

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Conservation is not about forcing the time to stop passing, but it is about being aware of value in the past then integrate it and adapt to the new change.

Using Scientific and technologies in Coconut Sugar making process is one of our adaptations for coconut sugar product. Refractometer machine is used to measure and control the sweetness of sugar while we stew the sugar. The final sweetness of our coconut sugar should be at 75-80 brix before we put it in the containers. The containers also need to be convenient to resemble the of life of Bangkokians. This is how we deliver the traditional pure sweetness through the new lens.

We believe that social integration is very important. The local wisdom is the new knowledge for chefs, then chefs become new friends of local people. This leads to many collaboration between community and chefs to create a lot of surprising menus with pure coconut sugar as an ingredient. At the end, food and beverage could be a tool to communicate our local wisdom to consumers.

Our stories have been communicated to consumers by many chefs and it helps our community to be closer to the consumers as well. The consumers then know the origin of the ingredients and understand “What am I eating”, “Who is involved in the food I'm eating” and “Who/what will be affected by my eating habits”

If you still couldn’t see the picture, we would like to invite you to see the menu from the restaurants in this book/catalogue.

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