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Once you “Experience”, then you understand

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Because of the physical limitation of elderly in Pleanyodtarn as they can not climb many coconut trees per day, and the lack of young people to replace the old generation in this career, the coconut farms were abandoned for a long time. Moreover, the materials in coconut sugar making process are too old to be used. Also, we couldn’t see the market opportunities for pure coconut sugar back then. So, selling coconut sugar as a main business were not our choices.

After evaluating our existing resources, we knew that we are experts in collecting coconut nectars and the process of making its sugar in which we were ready to transfer this knowledge to the younger generation. So, the first mission to conserve pure coconut sugar is to open the farm and community to the public in order to make people aware of our way of living and traditional process of making coconut sugar from harvesting to producing.

“Sampat (Experience)” is the name of this activity because we believe that the deep understanding will come through the real hands-on experience surrounded by original set up of local people who live with coconut sugars for decades.

“Sampat” has been organized for …. Times. This activity has been receiving great feedback beyond our expectations. The participants are able to understand the process of coconut sugar making in details. They are able to differentiate between pure coconut sugars and mixed one. It helps them to be able to choose which one to buy for their health and also to support the livelihood.

Beyond the positive feedback from visitors, the activities help us reflect ourselves to see more value of what we are doing. Uncle Jit and Uncle Tew have been living with coconut sugar making process for more than 70 years and never thought it was a special thing. However, they have been receiving many appreciations from customers for continuing doing what they have been doing. This is a very special empowerment for all of us in Pleanyodtarn Community Enterprise.

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